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Who We Are

With over 800 acres of certified hemp biomass, a large-scale, high volume extraction facility, state-of-the-art technology, and a meticulous focus on every detail from seed to sale, Vantage Hemp has CBD extraction down to a science. 


Thanks to our White Glove Farming process, we’re able to consistently deliver premium, trusted CBD extracts that are used to create exceptional CBD products for the marketplace. 

Our Vision

Vantage Hemp continually strives to become the leading CBD supplier while maintaining a 100% dedication to premium quality, science-driven consistency, sustainability and transparency, and positive, trustworthy relationships with our partners and community.


Dr. Daniel Chinnapen

Chief Scientific Officer

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Deepank Utkhede

Chief Operating Officer

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Justin Vincent

Extraction Manager

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Kurt Delehoy

Facility and Operations Manager

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Brad Greathouse

Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

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Dr. Daniel Chinnapen

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Chinnapen recently joined Vantage as Chief Scientific Officer and is responsible for direction on oversight of the Company’s extraction operations, research and development. Dr. Chinnapen has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and was a principal investigator at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital focused on research into large molecule therapeutic delivery. Dr. Chinnapen also brings extensive experience from various cutting-edge biotech companies focused on biologic drug development. He has publications in peer-reviewed journals and brings a critical eye to the science of CBD supporting the company’s deep-science approach at every step of the process from seed-to-extract.

Deepank Utkhede

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Utkhede has 22 years of experience in formulation and process development with a proven track record for solving difficult to formulate and manufacture products within aggressive timelines. He has extensive experience developing robust and commercially scalable manufacturing processes.

He has worked extensively in the pharmaceutical industry developing various dosage forms — topicals (dermal and ocular), orals (capsules and liquid), parenterals (aseptic and terminally sterilized) — and drug/device combination products with extensive experience in the area of lyophilization, liposome and emulsion technology. Utkhede is also well versed in GMP/FDA regulation.

Justin Vincent

Extraction Manager

Justin Vincent is a cannabis and hemp extractor. He was born and raised in Golden, CO. He has been working professionally in the Colorado medical marijuana industry, with hydrocarbon extraction since 2006. He looks forward to helping Vantage Hemp become a global leader of cannabidiol (CBD) extraction.

Kurt Delehoy

Facility and Operations Manager

Kurt has over 12 years Facility Management experience involving activities around production, research and development, and controlled growth space.

Over the last 5 years, Kurt was involved with the design, implementation, and management of a pilot scale oil production lab consisting of crush, extraction, refining and deodorization of edible oils.

Kurt has a passion for safety in the workplace serving as Safety Coordinator in his last role, and has completed the OSHA 8-hour course and is a certified Construction Safety Specialist.

Additionally, Kurt has received GMP certification from the Institute for Food Safety at Cornell University.

Brad Greathouse

Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Based on his experience alone, it’s clear that Brad Greathouse is the perfect person to handle Vantage Hemp’s Quality Management System and Regulatory Compliance. 

With over 30 years of QARA leadership in FDA regulated industries and extensive experience in the implementation and maintenance of effective, GMP compliant Quality Management Systems, Brad is committed to driving a world-class quality culture at Vantage Hemp every day.

What We Do

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Through our precise, GMP compliant, technologically advanced and scientifically driven CBD extraction process, Vantage Hemp is able to produce large scale, full spectrum distillate and isolate.


Vantage Hemp’s systematic farming practices combine real agriculture and real science to ensure our production is of the highest standard in the industry, or what we like to call—White Glove Farming. 

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Our dedication to sustainability and transparency goes beyond just using those words. Vantage Hemp tracks the supply chain lifecycle of our extracts from the initial planting through the extraction process and all the way to the processing and sales of our oils, distillates, and isolates.

Our CBD Extractions

The most common extract, full spectrum Oil contains more than 100 different active cannabinoids, as well as a variety of different healthy compounds, such as terpenes, phytocannabinoids and flavonoids.

CBD Distillate is created by further processing the full spectrum oil through distillation. This process removes impurities while still leaving minor traces of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids.

As the purest form of CBD, CBD Isolate is processed to remove any remaining impurities—thus also removing nearly all taste and smell from the extract.

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White Glove Farming

Our precise, practiced and perfected transplanting process uses experienced growers and  the latest science and technology, to consistently produce the same pure and premium CBD products.



Producing exceptional CBD extracts starts with our professional growers, who use their expertise to select the highest quality seed and carefully tend the fields throughout the entire growing season. This meticulous method ensures ultimate plant health and maximizes CBD content while maintaining the legal limit for THC during the harvest.



Vantage Hemp has developed a specific multi-stage process that succeeds thanks to the scientific steps we take. In fact, this process begins months before the extraction of biomass even happens and is crucial to our ability to deliver consistent, pharmaceutical grade, CBD extracts.



Incorporating the latest technology such as CBD testing and field record software and precision planting techniques into our White Glove Farming process is just another way we show our commitment to excellence for the CBD extracts we produce. 

Seed to Sale

With the help of our professional growers, Vantage Hemp only uses the highest quality seed that has the most desirable genetic traits and are 97–99% feminized. 

With the help of our professional growers, Vantage Hemp only uses the highest quality seed that has the most desirable genetic traits and are 97–99% feminized. 


Our multiple farms, located in Colorado and Oregon, produce premium hemp biomass which is the basis for producing premium CBD extracts.


Our high capacity extraction and purification facility in Greeley, Colorado, allows us to efficiently complete our five-step extraction process: 

  1. This process begins with the decarboxylation of the biomass to allow for the efficient extraction of cannabinoids.
  2. Decarboxylated biomass is then extracted using either supercritical CO2 or hydrocarbon (liquid propane) extraction methods. 
  3. Crude CBD extract is winterized using new and innovative techniques to produce full spectrum oil. 
  4. This oil is further processed to produce distillate using advanced distillation equipment. 
  5. The CBD is crystallized from distillate to produce pure CBD isolate.

As the appeal of CBD infused products grows, so does the demand for premium, trusted, GMP compliant CBD extracts to use in these products. To fill that need, Vantage Hemp partners with companies ranging from small startups to global brands to create the best-in-class, highest quality CBD products on the market.


For sales opportunities reach out to our dedicated sales team at [email protected] to find out how we can partner together.


Recent News

In The News

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