Vantage Hemp Granted Occupancy & Safety Certification for Hydrocarbon Extraction Facility

September 30, 2020

Greeley, Colorado-based CBD-hemp extraction company, Vantage Hemp Co., has been granted the Occupancy and Safety Certification for its second facility after passing regulatory inspections.

The Occupancy and Safety Certification gives Vantage Hemp Co. the ability to operate with complete extraction flexibility depending on the biomass and customer needs with CO2 and hydrocarbon extraction. Both production lines will run simultaneously, which maximizes the production capabilities of the two facilities.

“We’re very excited for the completion of our hydrocarbon extraction facility,” says Harvinder Johal, Director of Vantage Hemp Co. “This facility will further define and demonstrate our mantra of extraction based on science and driven by data.”

Vantage Hemp Co. announced the completion of its world-class facilities earlier this year. With the addition of the second building Vantage Hemp Co. is positioned to be one of the largest CBD extract producers in North America while being committed to the highest quality standards through its deep science approach and advanced technology.

“The completion of Vantage Hemp Co.’s Raven facility represents the culmination of one and a half years of design and construction,” says Deepank Utkhede, Chief Operating Officer of Vantage Hemp Co. “The result is state of the art facilities on the cutting edge of technology to convert dried hemp biomass into consistently high-quality CBD extracts at commercial scale. These facilities are second to none in terms of scale, design and technology.”

Vantage Hemp Co. is inviting customers, partners and the public to take a real-time virtual tour of the new facilities. Those interested in attending, please contact Harvinder Johal, Director of Vantage Hemp Co. at [email protected] or at 720-633-6715.

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