Meet the team: Dr. Daniel Chinnapen

June 18, 2020

Meet the team: Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Daniel Chinnapen Brings Cutting-edge Experience to Vantage Hemp Co.

“As part of the Vantage Hemp Co. I’m privileged to support our vision of purity through innovation,” says Dr. Chinnapen, Chief Scientific Officer of Vantage Hemp Co. “Vantage is committed to being a scientifically-driven extractor in the CBD extraction industry.” 

For a scientifically-driven hemp extraction company like Vantage Hemp Co., producing premium CBD extracts starts with bringing together an exceptional team of world-class leaders who bring their knowledge and expertise to the production process, from start to finish. The appointment of Dr. Chinnapen as the company’s new Chief Scientific Officer is a testament to the pursuit of excellence at Vantage Hemp Co. A former Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. Chinnapen will oversee and lead Vantage Hemp Co.’s operations, innovation and science initiatives.

Dr. Chinnapen has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and brings extensive experience working in an academic laboratory setting as well as various cutting-edge biotech companies. He has publications in peer-reviewed journals and brings a critical eye to the science of CBD-hemp extraction, production and applications supporting the company’s deep-science approach at every step of the process from seed-to-extract.

“Quality drives every decision we make from the purchase of high-quality seed to intensive agricultural practices to high production standards. There are no shortcuts,” says Lance Torgerson, CEO of Vantage Hemp Co. “The same applies to the addition of exceptional people like Dr. Daniel Chinnapen to the Vantage Hemp Co. team. We believe in his level of expertise and his commitment to creating exceptional CBD-hemp products for our clients.”

As Vantage Hemp Co. continues to grow its operations, this innovative startup turned industry leader is looking to its core team consisting of experts like Dr. Chinnapen to further enhance the performance of the company in a fast and competitive market. The Greeley, Colorado-based company specializing in the production of GMP compliant, high-quality distillates, isolates and full-spectrum oils for established brands, is gearing up to become one of the leaders in extraction science and is expanding its reach in the industry. 

“Our scientifically-driven approach to extraction is in good hands with Dr. Chinnapen. He brings a significant level of expertise to support the research and development of premium CBD-hemp products necessary for therapeutics, wellness, health, and other adjacent markets that meet the highest consumer expectations,” says Harvinder Johal, Director of Vantage Hemp Co.

From its science-driven approach to purpose-built buildings for CBD extraction, Vantage Hemp Co. takes center stage in the marketplace as a premium, pharmaceutical grade supplier of CBD extracts. Vantage Hemp Co. already has 800-acres of U.S. certified hemp biomass and large-scale, high volume extraction facilities. 

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