Filming Begins for Vantage Hemp Co. Behind The Scenes with Laurence Fishburne Documentary

September 2, 2020

Filming is underway in Colorado for the award-winning “Behind The Scenes” documentary series featuring CBD extraction leader, Vantage Hemp Co.

Hosted by Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated actor, Laurence Fishburne, the “Behind the Scenes” documentary will inform audiences about the rapidly emerging CBD-hemp industry in the U.S., spotlighting Vantage Hemp Co., the company’s operations and industry story.

“CBD is one of the most breakout industries in the U.S. market and this unique production gives viewers first-hand experiences and insight,” says Harvinder Johal, Director of Vantage Hemp Co. “We’re excited to work together with “Behind The Scenes” to share the story of Vantage Hemp Co., and how we’re continuing to evolve the science of extraction through our world-class team, technologies, and facilities.”

Vantage Hemp Co. announced its involvement with “Behind The Scenes” earlier this year. The documentary will feature interviews with Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Daniel Chinnapen, Chief Operations Officer Deepank Utkhede, and Director Harvinder Johal.

“The opportunity to work with an industry leader like Vantage Hemp Co. provides us a true wealth of educational content for audiences,” stated Ben Wilson, the Chief Creative Officer for Behind The Scenes. “We’re excited to partner with them to explore this burgeoning industry.”

With a pulse on the market, Vantage Hemp Co. is positioned as a leader in the production of industrial hemp on a global scale. The “Behind The Scenes” documentary is anticipated to air on public television stations across the U.S. For more information, visit

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About Behind The Scenes

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